About Us

Good Newwws is the most reliable source for good news. The principal aim is to spread positive news from within our country & all around the world to uplift and inspire people to become more optimistic. In a way, it urges people to explore the world with a new perspective and adapt to a better atmosphere.  Spearheaded by Mr. Aqeel Merchant, Good Newwws is different from the traditional media and have an optimistic approach towards the daily news.  

It was during the lockdown that Mr. Aqeel Merchant, CEO, Good Newwws thought of coming up with something that spreads positivity and brings a smile on the face. There was a picture of stress and worry around, everybody was feeling some kind of pressure due to the pandemic. Therefore, to minimise adversity and anxiety 'Good Newwws' was founded with an effort to make the world a better place. If a small initiative can get a  smile by reading something good, that is 'Good Newwws'.