'Hulladek' plans to diversify into other waste categories apart from e-waste in the near time

In an exclusive interview with Good Newwws, Priyasha, Chief Marketing Officer, Hulladek spoke about the brand, vision, growth, and much more.

Image source: Good Newwws

Electronic waste aka e-waste is any electronic product or component that has reached the end of its usable life cycle. Although electric appliances have become a part and parcel of our lives, ever wondered what happens after we discard them? Improper e-waste disposal is a serious threat to the ecosystem. Considering the consequences many firms are taking the initiative to follow the evergreen mantra of Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.

'Hulladek' is one such e-waste management service provider that has imbibed the mantra of staying 'hungry for waste'. Talking exclusively to Good Newwws about Hulladek, Priyasha, Chief Marketing Officer said, "The organisation was established in 2015 by Nandan Mall. It started before as a college project. He was in St. Xavier's college and was participating in a fest where he was supposed to suggest a business plan. Since Nandan was always interested in waste management he thought of this e-waste as a stream. He then traveled to Spain and worked with a company called Indu metal Recycling. He returned in 2015 and later founded Hulladek Recycling. It's been a great journey so far. In 2015 we had only collected 260 kgs in a month, now every month we collect 70 to 80 tons of e-waste approximately. Also over the years, we have started working with prominent companies like Coco-Cola, Pepsi Co, Nestle, Mondelēz, Cadbury, Standard Chartered, Punjab National Bank, and lots of hotels Taj Bengal, ITC, Oberoi's. We have really grown in the past five years because the industry has been growing so much that we as a company even though we are still a start-up and we are a small team we have grown in the last five years. We started with only two employees and now we are a team of 40 employees."

Sharing the vision of the company, Priyasha averred, "We are headquartered in Kolkata and have a branch office in Jamshedpur. At the same time, we have franchise partners in Tripura, Nagaland, Guwahati, and at present, we just opened a franchise partner in Delhi and Mumbai. We also have collection points where anyone living around that area can come and dump the e-waste. It is established in 17 cities in India including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh. Since we have reached 17 cities and 15 states, Hulladek's vision is to reach 20 states in the next one or two years we want at least 10 more franchise partners. We aim to collect at least 1000 to 1500 tons of electronic waste in a year. Hulladek is also looking to diversify into other waste categories, we have already started working towards plastic waste, so gradually will also like to start and diversify into other categories such as dry waste, hazardous waste."

'Hulladek' collects electronic waste from your home, school, college, or offices and sends the e-waste to the recyclers. The recyclers have a proper machine where the electronic waste is recycled. They have recyclers in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. 'Hulladek' provides door-to-door service for the collection of e-waste.

"We also provide data destruction services, as before sending the electronic product to the recyclers we have software that formats the data from the cell phone or laptops so that the data of the client is secured. 'Hulladek' is a PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation) which acts as a middle man between manufacturers and recyclers. As per e-waste management rules in 2016 the government of India said, If you are a manufacturer who is a manufacturing/producing electronic items then you are indirectly responsible for producing electronic waste. As the company is associated with many manufacturers/producers so we help to channelize their electronic waste and provide them with government-mandated forms and certificates from recyclers about the percentage of electronic waste that is recycled. In these areas we are providing all types of services and also we are looking to expand more in other cities." she added.   

Currently, Hulladek is associated with 1500 to 2000 plus clients which include corporates, FMCG, brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, to banks like Punjab National Bank, Indusind Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, colleges, St. Xavier University, Calcutta University, and almost all schools in Kolkata. They also work with hospitals and government offices. Hulladek's Jamshedpur branch is a joint venture with Tata Group.

Lastly, Priyasha took a minute to speak about their recent campaign of which was "Kya aapke ghar Hulladek wala aata hai?" as this is where they aim to take their brand- providing door-to-door service pan India.