I want to serve local businesses and ensure they reach a successful place: Bilal Kazi, Influencer Marketing Specialist

Good Newwws got into a candid interaction with the social media specialist and advertiser Mr Bilal Kazi who spoke about his businesses and work life.

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Image source: Good Newwws

'Jack of all trades, master of none, though often better than master of one', this famous saying perfectly befits Mr Bilal Kazi, entrepreneur and influencer marketer. He is a man of mystique and camaraderie experience who approaches business with a high entrepreneurial spirit. He visions to leap higher and keep experimenting each day.

Recently, Good Newwws got into a candid interaction with the social media specialist and advertiser Mr Bilal Kazi who spoke about his businesses and work life.

Talking about extending support to local businesses, Bilal said," I believe strongly in community building and development. Local businesses put in so much effort to reach where they are and the quality, they provide is sometimes so much better than what we see in the biggest established brands. Also, they have a big heart to serve. I want to serve the local businesses, help them grow and ensure they reach a successful place".

The social media specialist shares that the USP of his business is Networking. "The most important bit is making connections. You must be open enough to meet new people who have the drive to achieve. 'The company you keep tells a lot about you' is a very true phrase and I believe you must surround yourself with good people. And be a good person first. Have a big heart, support, help others grow", said Bilal.

Elaborating about the challenges he faced, the entrepreneur said, "Well, I got into digital marketing and domains in 2013 when it was just emerging. Not everyone was into it. So, sticking to a new opportunity when everyone was sceptical about it was a big challenge. But I believed in myself and my mentors were always with me. So, I turned that challenge into an opportunity."

When asked what keeps you going daily, Bilal averred, "I have never known what it is to stop working on myself or my businesses. So probably what keeps me going is the solid company that I surround myself with, my family and my ideas that change as per the changing times. I am all about adapting and overcoming."

Sharing the business mantra, he mentioned, "Self-belief. If you start looking outside for support and help, you are not going to reach far. You have to be your push. Also, many people think, business means dishonesty. But for me, honesty is number one. I am very transparent with people I work with. That is how I build my relationships. Also, have a reliable plan when you set out to do something. Weigh the pros and cons and work on your ideas, don't just ideate and sit over it."

Finally talking about what success means to him, Bilal asserted, "A satisfactory feeling after a day has ended and a motivation to wait for a brighter tomorrow. That is what success means to me."