I've got the zeal of exploring & driving multiple businesses from my dadu: Saumya Wadhwa, founder, Baron Entertainment & Prive Perfumery

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Good Newwws, Saumya Wadhwa spoke about how she traced the journey of being a celebrity manager to the owner of a perfume brand. 

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Image source: Good Newwws

Vigilant and Venturesome are the traits of the young and dynamic entrepreneur Saumya Wadhwa who is the boss woman of Baron Entertainment and Prive Perfumery. She is the chip off the old block and has always been a go-getter in whatever she sets in her mind. 

In a tête-à-tête with Good Newwws, Saumya Wadhwa spoke about how she traced the journey of being a celebrity manager to the owner of a perfume brand. 

Talking about her first venture 'Baron entertainment', the young businesswoman said, "Baron Entertainment is into entertainment consulting and celebrity management. In today's date entertainment is required by everyone. It is not that only a well do family would invite a singer, even a middle-class family would also want to have an artist at an affordable range, but what happens is people don't understand which celebrity fits in their budget. As entertainment consultants, we help the client to decide which celebrity is more suitable for their event. Clients tell us the budget and we then shortlist the artist as per the budget. In short, we help clients decide which entertainment options are the best for them". 

The 26-year-old entrepreneur was intrigued about the entertainment industry since her college days and wished to work in the glam world. "I always had a huge interest in celebrities, how the industry works or how much do celebrities charge for an appearance? since college days. During college festivals, we used to invite singers to be a part of the college fest. Luckily after college, I got my first job in a celebrity management company. I was working there but I always had a lot of viewpoints, I had my thoughts for almost everything. So then I realised that why not utilise my expertise and start my own business", Saumya mentioned. 

Saumya commenced the company on 1 April 2017 and in the first month itself, she did a concert with Adnan Sami and a corporate gig with Sukriti Kakkar and Prakriti Kakkar. She has collaborated with many well-known celebrities like Mika Singh, Adnan Sami, Karishma Kapoor, Kajal Agarwal, Vaani Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Imtiaz Ali amongst others till now.

Saumya always had that zeal of becoming an entrepreneur. Initially, when she started Baron Entertainment she lacked self-confidence however gradually she gained a lot. It was like an achievement for her and so she decided to spread her wings. "After establishing Baron Entertainment within the next two years itself I started my cafe from my earnings. I opened a Mexican fusion cafe called 'Whacko Taco' in Andheri partnering with my besties. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to shut it last year. So had I not started Baron I would have not had the courage to start another company", she added. 

Elaborating about initiating 'Prive Perfumery', the budding businesswoman asserted, "I used to spend a lot of time in the cafe but when it shut, I had nothing to do as no weddings or corporate events were happening. There was no work. So then I thought why not strategise on something new. I was passionate about perfumes because I had visited a factory in Paris where you can go smell the fragrance and make your perfume. I always had the thought in mind that I want to do this in India but had no clue how to go about it as the perfumery market in India is huge and I had no finance to invest in a manufacturing unit".

"As a solution to this, I tied up with a manufacturer, I chose my fragrances which are different, vegan and cruelty-free. One thing I realised is that when it comes to perfumes everyone buys imported. So I thought why not initiate this in India and that's how 'Prive Perfumery' started. Now, I have a manufacturer who produces vegan and cruelty-free perfumes which smells amazing and they are long-lasting. The only different part is that you can have your name printed on the perfume bottle to get a personalised feel".

When asked how adversely has pandemic hit the business, she mentioned, "I believed that the entertainment industry is something that can not be impacted, as weddings are going to happen even corporate events won't shut. I was never prepared that anything would affect the entertainment industry however this pandemic has impacted the business adversely. There were online events that came up as a replacement to motivate people but it was not very long-lasting. For now, let's wait till the situation gets better as in the end nothing matters than good health."

"My basic business mantra is, 'Do not overthink'. So whenever something happens I do not overthink it, I go with the flow and follow my instincts."

While signing off, Saumya said that 'Sucess is living a good life, being happy about what you do and what you are today.' She has taken this inspiration from three people in her life, "First is my Nani (grandma), she used represent sign language for the deaf-and-dumb. She devoted her entire life to representing a language for people who can't even talk and express themselves that thing motivated me. Secondly is my dadu (grandpa) because I am somewhat like him, constantly exploring new opportunities. He would also try doing different businesses. Whenever I talk to him, I instantly connect with him, he used to start businesses and then switch over as per the need of the hour. He had that zeal for taking risks and trying different things. Then it's obviously my dad because he is someone who did not come from a business background. He was the CEO of a reputed company but he left all of that to start a new enterprise in the aviation sector. So that thing of him, leaving a very successful job just to fulfil the passion for a business drove me to take risks for life."