We aim to switch all plastic manufacturers to bio-solutions: Piyusha Potnis, director, Helplast

In an exclusive interview with Good Newwws, the director of 'Helplast', Mrs. Piyusha Potnis shared about the brand, products, demand and supply, what goes behind the production, and much more.

Image source: Good Newwws

Nature is made up of five elements- earth, water, fire, wind, and space but we humans have added another element to it that is 'plastic'. The component which blended with every odd matter on the earth and caused pollution has become a cause of concern for the world in today's era. Discerning the need of the hour many have stepped forward to produce biodegradable products. One such organization is 'Helplast' that produces organic additives and convert the packaging solutions into 100% biodegradable & compostable material.

In an exclusive interview with Good Newwws, the director of 'Helplast', Mrs. Piyusha Potnis shared about the brand, products, demand and supply, what goes behind the production, and much more. 

Speaking about 'Helplast', Piyusha said, "We are into manufacturing biodegradable plastic products. Some of our products are biodegradable garbage bags which is our fastest-selling product. Considering every household needs a garbage bag, so imagine the amount of plastic waste we are producing. Not just in the city but imagine at the country level and global level. Like each restaurant, houses need garbage bags so instead of using regular plastic bags you can use 'Helplast' products which are 100% biodegradable in nature and when you discard or it lands into the landfills it will automatically start degrading so that is the unique specialty about our product and our bag.  So garbage bag is one of the products, we also have a lot of industrial packaging. Instead of using regular plastic your company or manufacturing unit can also adapt to our product. So basically our pouches can be used for packaging anything it could be clothing, food items, etc. We mainly produce bags, pouches, covers in bio-degradable format. The best part about this technology is that we have adapted completely to Indian technology. Our company founder Mr. Sanjiv Nevgi worked on this biodegradable formula twenty years back when no one was even aware of biodegradable plastic. So this formula is our in-house production and we do not depend on any foreign countries for the raw materials."

Piyusha along with her husband Mr. Pushkar Potnis who is also the director runs the organisation. She looks after the marketing and sales while Pushkar looks after the production and manufacturing section.


Sharing the thought behind the unique brand name, the entrepreneur mentioned, "Helplast means 'helping to last'. So we are helping the environment to last by giving bio-degradable solutions."

Piyusha further affirmed how the COVID-19 pandemic initially affected their business but gradually increased the demand for the products as people started becoming more aware and responsible. "Honestly speaking,  before COVID we really had to convince people because if the regular plastic is costing you Rs. 10, biodegradable plastic will cost you Rs. 12. Of course, it is a little expensive than normal plastic but it is also safe for the environment. But after the pandemic, we have brands approaching us as they want to adapt to eco-friendly solutions. We are providing bags to different hotels, restaurants, retail chains, and also a lot of industries for automobile parts", she said.

'Helplast' offers biodegradable products like Biobags, Hospibags, and E-commbags which are marketed in sectors like corporates, e-commerce, FMCG, automobile, waste management, and hospitality.  Conversing about the same, the director avered, "The garbage bag is the normal green color bag which is used to throw dry and wet waste, it could be your home waste or office waste. Kitchen, hotels, and restaurants need big size bags for their kitchen waste. The specialty of our bags is, we also customize them as per the client's requirements. Of course, we have our standard sizes but if the clients ask for a precise thickness, size, or color; we do customization of the bags. The only thing is we do not promote black because there will be no difference in what is available outside and between our products." 

 "Also, oxo-biodegradable is one of the things that are available in the market. Oxo-biodegradable is not biodegradable because though the plastic breaks down, it remains in the soil, water, or wherever it is. But people don't have that technical knowledge while buying the product. If people see the word biodegradable they assume the plastic is biodegradable, but there is a difference. We are also coming up with an e-commerce bag for delivery purposes. As the work of plastic during shipment is to protect the product when shipped but once you get the product that bag is a waste. So we are developing an e-commerce bag in the biodegradable format", Piyusha added.  

'Helplast' not only produces biodegradable products but also provides raw material to plastic manufacturers across India. So a manufacturer can use the raw materials without the need for any special machinery. He can continue the supply of biodegradable plastic to the clients. Apart from this, 'Helplast' also supports the plastic suppliers by providing them a biodegradable solution.

Lastly, elaborating about the future plans, Piyusha averred, "Our goal is to make more plastic manufacturers and e-commerce companies adapt to our bio-solutions".

At present, Helplast's products are available on a sustainable website called brownliving.com. It is an Indian company.  The company is in process of collaborating with companies and brands in UAE and Uzbekistan to work on a few other bio-solutions.

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