Hrithik Roshan impressed by a fan who wrote 'Krrish 4' plot in five minutes

Actor Hrithik Roshan praises a fan for sharing plot of his fourth installment of the franchise 'Krrish'

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Image source: Hrithik Roshan Instagram

Actor Hrithik Roshan announced the fourth instalment of his superhero franchise ‘Krrish’ recently. Soon after the film was announced fan-made stories, videos, trailers and mashups started surfacing on social media. Surprisingly, one of the posts shared by Sambit (@LuciferIlite) got a nod from Hrithik Roshan himself! The user had shared a storyline on Twitter.

Sambit shared “I wrote a #Krrish4 Wattpad storyline in 5 minutes Rakesh Roshan could never.” In his story he mentioned, “Nasiruddhin Shah from past comes back to 2022 to take revenge from Krishna (he is supervillain now since he went back to Koi Mil Gaya days and captured some Aliens) through a time machine and steals Krishna and Priya’s kid and goes back to 2006. Krishna builds a time machine to go back to 2006 to save their kid where Nasiruddhin captures Krrish after multiple fighting sequences. Priya is all alone and helpless in 2006 when Jadu shows up and he gave her superpowers to save her husband and kid. Then she fought with his villains to free Krishna then in the end they both destroy Nasiruddhin’s kingdom and his time machine with the help of Jaadu.”

The storyline caught Hrithik's attention and appreciated his efforts by tweeting ‘Imagination’. He also gave him full marks for his creativity. Not only the actor but also many netizens lauded the quirky plot and its twist.