Go with the trend but never leave the essence: Pranav Chandran

In a candid interaction with Good Newwws Pranav shared his journey of becoming an influencer, keeping up with the trends, and much more.

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Image source: Pranav Chandran Instagram

Social media star and Influencer, Pranav Chandran has become the talk of the tinsel town for his outstanding singing. His melodious voice makes everyone adore him. Not only his music videos on YouTube rose him to fame but also his creative reels and Instagram videos are catching everybody's eyes. 

In a candid interaction with Good Newwws Pranav shared his journey of becoming an influencer, keeping up with the trends, and much more.

How does your journey as an influencer start and how's it going?

I never wanted to become a singer, it was all destiny for me. I used to sing during my childhood days. During the time of my graduation I participated in the Bombay Times fresh face competition, I got through and emerged as the winner of the 2011 BT fresh face and then during my MBA days there was this MTV Colors of Youth and fortunately, the auditions were held in my college itself. There I just gave the audition and luckily, I won that competition as well. So after my graduation and MBA was done, I completely forgot about singing because I was living a comfortable life. However, slowly and gradually my family started telling me, 'tune singing completely chod di', start doing something. The only option which I had was YouTube and so then I started meeting music producers and uploaded music videos. Audiences got connected with my voice and now it's been more than 3-4 years, I have garnered 400M views across the YT songs. A few of my songs got viral that I got an opportunity to sing for a south Indian movie and then I also sang for Avengers Infinity War. Due to this, my social media presence got strong and I started getting brands to collaborate.

What are your three favourite tools for doing something your viewers care about?

I feel the quality of the content should matter a lot. Nowadays people tell me that even on Instagram you have to keep uploading videos daily to maintain consistency and I believe in that. I also feel that the quality of work should also be great, so I don't run behind getting big numbers of likes or views. Another thing is that there should be an emotional connection with the audience so I try to stay in touch by doing live sessions. 

What influences you the most? 

The normal people who are doing good with their life or who are working hard daily to make a difference in society that kind of people influence me.

Your Inspiration

Performers like Arijit Singh, Stebin Ben and many others have rose to fame because of their sheer hard work. They all are my favourites!!!

What type of influencer you are? 

I'm that type of influencer who believes in having a connection with the audience. Whatever things I have tried to sell to my audience they have completely believed in me, even the brands are so happy that they approach me again to promote their products. 

What are your memorable brand collabs and which brand do you wish to collab with?

I have a great presence on YouTube. I have collaborated with brands like Royal Enfield, One Plus on YouTube. While on Instagram I have worked with labels like Budweiser and MG Motors.

Social media trends keep on changing, how do you try to keep up with them?

Trends keep on changing. Earlier the kind of cover songs I used to do is where people used to just sit and listen to it, however, now that I have a deal with a popular music label and the kind of music I am coming up with them is lo-fi music which is in the trend. So I believe that you should always go with the trend but never leave the essence.

Where do you wish to see yourself as an influencer in the coming years?

When it comes to social media, I still feel that we have just touched the drop of the ocean. It's going to be a crazy life as after a couple of years every influencer will have their own set of clients who are going to do business with them. That's how this scenario is going to change. I believe in doing my hard work as I know that I am going to build my empire, clan and work them.