"I want people to question every belief system and everything they have been taught": RJ Abhilash Thapliyal

More than becoming an influencer, my objective is to spread smiles and happiness.

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Image Source: Abhilash Thapliyal Instagram

Being a radio jockey is not the same as earlier, wherein the jockey would merely act as an anchor or host. In today's date, they are required to engage, amuse and entertain the listeners using their exceptional skills. These days radio jockeys are considered artists as they go beyond to entertain and inform people about various contemporary issues using various mediums, be it satire or songs. RJ Abhilash Thapliyal is one of them and, let's see what he has to say about his journey as a radio jockey and an influencer.

How does your journey as an influencer start and how's it going?

I don't think I am an influencer, I have always been a radio jockey, so I have always been a public figure. An influencer is a very recent and loosely used term, I think everyone who can influence people is an influencer in one way or the other. If talking about 'Digital influencers' is a newly formed concept wherein a person has a large number of followers and likes on social media. I have been a public personality for a long time. Earlier, I was a radio jockey, then I started doing acting and political satire, which is liked by people, political parties and politicians like Kumar Vishwas, Prashant Bhushan and many more. I started my political satire 'Muffler Man' in 2014 and, from there my journey of content creation started and I didn't even know that I was influencing people. Digital media had become a platform where I got the opportunity to speak what I had to.

What are your three favourite tools for doing something your viewers care about? 

I use different tools like 'Himanshu and Gang', it is a series, wherein there are three-four dogs cussing the life and talking about the difference in their and humans' life. I do political satires to talk about 'Sharaab bandi' through the character of JD Sahab, and whatever I want to say, I make sure that I don't say directly, I try to say it through such characters as it becomes to convey and comment on political scenarios.

What type of influencer you are?

More than becoming an influencer, my objective is to spread smiles and happiness, also I want people to see beyond things that are right in front of them, I want people to question everything, every belief system and everything they have been taught.

What are your memorable brand collabs and which brand do you wish to collab with?

I haven't done any memorable brand collaboration, I have worked with a lot of people, I think more than a brand it is the individuals I connect with. Brands are just for representation, but people like Divya Talwar from 'The Quint' brings in a different perspective, and I would like to work with her again and again. In feature films, there are many whom I want to work with like, Anurag Kashyap, Amit Sharma, I know them personally but, I want to have a professional association with them.

Where do you wish to see yourself as an influencer in the coming years?

I wish to see myself doing good work, doing the kind of work where the craft is appreciated, and people can see me as a good actor, a better person, someone who is influencing people in the right way that is what I want. I don't have any big ambitions, the simple and small ambitions that I have is to be seen in a good place with good people.