K.Sudhakar: Meet the man who runs the popular wacky car museum in Hyderabad  

Located in Hyderabad Sudha cars museum is the only wackiest car museum in the world. With over 200 creations under one roof, it draws several thousand visitors every year.

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Passion never fails, if you have the feeling of a strong desire for something you will definitely unleash your creativity. Today, we do have such a zealous story to share about Mr K. Sudhakar who is popularly known for making wacky cars. Almost four decades ago, he dreamed of building his own cars. At present, he runs a quirky museum called Sudha Cars in Hyderabad.   

Talking about his idea of creating eccentric cars, K. Sudhakar said,  "Way back in 1991 I visited the US. There at a carnival, I came across a skating board shaped car. Then I thought I should make something like this, this is crazy. So after coming back to India, I made my first shoe-shaped car, camera car and others. When I started making the different type of cycles, multi-seater cycles and bikes, chopper the compliments I used to get was 'circuswala'. It used to be funny but now when people appreciate my creation, It feels good!"

Sudha cars museum is the only wackiest car museum in the world. With over 200 creations under one roof, it draws several thousand visitors every year and also garners the attention of the world media. Most people see a junkyard as a place to discard the old, rusty and unusable but Sudhakar saw it with endless possibilities. Every car at his museum is made up completely out of scrap.

"Lot of people imagine a lot of things, but only a few unique people could execute. I am very much lucky to have wonderful craftsman with me", Sudhakar added.

Most of these cars convey a social message. Children are regular visitors at the museum on educational trips as his handmade vehicles are a great inspiration. One of the well-known creations was the condom car, designed to spread AIDS awareness. Bollywood actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar had enjoyed the ride of the unique car.

To cheer Indian team in 2003 K.Sudhakar had made a cricket ball and bat-shaped car which was unveiled by Mr Kapil Dev. He also made cricket world cup shaped car and like that he made a lot of cars like the Football shaped car during FIFA world cup, Basketball car.

Sudhakar and his team also guide the young visitors to build funky cars in the available budget. "Lot of visitors approach me and request me to make something for their children but I don't take up any commercial projects. However, I and my team show school and college children how to create a beautiful thing out of scrap in their budget."

Furthermore sharing about his past-life Sudhakar averred, " We have been into printing business for 80 long years. I never thought that I am going to own a museum. I had created so many cars so thought to open a museum. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mentor Mr Babu Khan. He was a genius person, he taught me where to start and where to finish. My parents always helped me, my father never stopped me from pursuing this art"

The expert also holds a Guinness World Record for making the largest tricycle in the World. The machine which weighs three tons stands at the entrance of the Sudha Cars' museum. "I must have failed more than 55 times while building the big tricycle. Each wheel is 7ft diameter and height is as tall as four-storey building i.e. 42ft height and only one person can peddle the tricycle. It was quite difficult working on that, many times I thought of leaving that project. However, eventually, I completed and today it's in the Guinness  Book of World Record.", Sudhakar mentioned.

Lastly, Sudhakar is again planning to write to Guinness Book Of World Records about the wacky cars. Most numbers of the funky cars were made by the single person, about 55 wheels made till now. His target is to make 100 wacky cars in the next 10 years. 

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