I want to manifest the passion for tradition by making handwoven saree more fashionable: Rashmi Chowdhary, Founder, Sari ki Almari

In an exclusive interview with Good Newwws, Rashmi Chowdhary shared about her passion for handwoven sarees, her brand and forthcoming plans. 

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Image source: Good Newwws

When human hands and heart are at work in tandem, that is beauty in making. The drape of a handwoven saree creates magic and brings out the feminine grace giving a seamless flow. Designer Rashmi Chowdhary, founder of 'Sari Ki Almari' wants to manifest the passion for tradition by showing the handloom magic. She is looking forward to bringing back the trend of handwoven sarees sourced from weavers across India. 

In an exclusive interview with Good Newwws, Rashmi Chowdhary shared about her passion for handwoven sarees, her brand and forthcoming plans. 

Talking about 'Sari Ki Almari' Rashmi Chowdhary said, "It is a curation of handwoven sarees from all over India. We specialize in Banarasi and Chanderi sarees, and also have a curation of Bengal cotton and Linens. We also stitch blouses to go with the saree. We have a category of tissue saree, which is very popular among people who like light elegant dressing. There are also metallic sarees in line that could be worn for cocktails parties".

Elaborating about her designs the entrepreneur averred, "I work with edgy motifs, mirror or sunglass finds space in my designs. I think wearing a perfect saree shows the woman's personality as she expresses herself through the garment. I like to identify my client's beauty and make them feel alive through the sarees. Saree is a pure form of garment that you cannot deny, you have to bring out your essence for the saree and that is what I like to capture through my designing. So if a girl is fun, edgy, and wants to show the world that she is looking larger than life then she can wear a gradient saree. If a girl wants to explore the feminine side she can try a floral saree. If a girl is not scared to show her vanity can wear an aaina saree (mirror saree) or if she just wants to go the traditional way can wear a classic saree".

Rashmi works with the new age cotton and linens from Phulia, West Bengal, elegant chanderis from Madhya Pradesh and much more. 

When asked what fashion means to her she mentioned, "Fashion is of two kinds-one is when people wear branded clothes to show their status and another one when people wear their personality and express themselves through it. There is a grace in wearing personality and that is what fashion is all about".

Elaborating about keeping up with the fashion trends and sarees in demand, Rashmi asserted, "Trends are very important, however, we cannot follow trends without realising our sense of fashion. So you have to blend it, tweak it and live with it".

"80% are the classic sarees which are in demand as most people love them. The tissue saree is also very much popular in the market as it has made a comeback after a long time", said the designer.

Following the business mantra, 'Don't give up, keep trying and the magic is around the corner', Rashmi believes that a talented weaver is not worried about the next weave.

Finally, speaking about the forthcoming plans, the businesswoman mentioned, "My primary plan is to expand the weavers' horizon because hand-weaving is slowly becoming a dying art. There are so many options in terms of clothes that people are adapting to but this conscious effort I am making to make it more fashionable and available for the people. My vision is to make saree available in terms of price and the parameter worldwide where people would like to wear hand-woven saree".