‘Besan ki Barfi’: The success story of 94-year-old Harbhajan Kaur’s startup is a must-read

Bachpan ki yaadein 'Besan ki Barfi' become an successful start up plan for Harbhajan Kaur a 94 year old lady based in Chandigarh

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Image source: Harbhajan Kaur Instagram

 Harbhajan Kaur a 94 year old lady started her entrepreneur career by selling sweets “Besan ki Barfi” in Chandigarh organic market. She commenced her business when she was 90. The startup plan started with a discussion between Harbhajan Kaur and her daughter Raveena. While having conversation Raveena asked her mother regarding any regrets in her mother’s life. Harbhajan Kaur said to her daughter about not only having a fulfilling life but also she had one regret in her life that, she have not earned a single penny by her own. The discussion ended here for Harbhajan Kaur but Raveena on other hand thought about her mother’s having regret of not earning by herself, thinking along with this an idea hit up in Raveena’s mind to start an venture by selling the Besan Barfi which they all enjoyed in their childhood. In this way four years ago they started with the entrepreneurship. The first earning of Harbhajan Kaur was of 2000 Rs. after selling the homemade besan barfi in organic market. She was very much happy after earning the first income of her life.

As the Besan Barfi got popular in the market they began with taking order online and this way they got even more popular in the other cities. This venture totally changed the life of an old-lady. The story of Harbhajan Kaur is an inspiration to everyone who says “it’s too late.” It also shows a lovely bond between a daughter and mother that how Raveena had supported her mother and motivated her for this startup. The besan barfi was also used in wedding of Harbhajan’s granddaughter. She made 200kgs barfi for invitation.

Truly Harbhajan’s story tells us that it’s never too late to fulfill our dreams. It only takes courage and will to take a step forward and NEVER GIVE UP!