'Curry Keto' is all set to spread its wings across UAE: Vanessa Crasta, co-founder, Curry Keto

In an in-depth conversation with Good Newwws, Vanessa Crasta, co-founder, Curry Keto shared how she and her husband Rajiv turned the idea of healthy living into a successful business. 

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Image source: Good Newwws

Persistence and Perseverance define Mrs Vanessa Crasta, the boss lady of the UAE based health food label 'Curry Keto' which is all about adding keto flavour to your desi palette. She is upbeat about her vision and business plans at Curry Keto. 

In an in-depth conversation with Good Newwws, Vanessa Crasta, co-founder, Curry Keto shared how she and her husband Rajiv turned the idea of healthy living into a successful business. 

Here's encapsulating the tête-à-tête:

Sharing the idea behind establishing the brand 'Curry Keto', Vanessa said, "Working in the advertising industry, my husband and I live a quite frenetic lifestyle. We never really get any time at home to cook or to do any of those things. So most of the time, we end up eating fast foods or junk foods available at that time. We usually work for 16-20 hrs a day. However, this habit eventually took a toll on us and we started getting diagnosed with many health issues like blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and others. Then we started searching for the right meal plans and tried them for a couple of days, but nothing worked for us as the healthy food tasted very bland. So we used to take up a meal plan and give up easily as it was not for our taste buds." 

"We tried over 5-6 different plans, however, we never stick to any one of them because we never liked any of that food and we got back to eating what we enjoyed. So, finally, we decided to take a shot at cooking different kinds of food we like. What we had noticed was that when we were on keto, it suited best for us and our body type. So, I did a lot of research about Keto and started creating recipes that we could eat. We started giving a desi touch to pretty much everything, we took all the Indian recipes we had and turned them into keto biryani or butter chicken, keto roti and many more. This worked out for us. We were really happy with it. We lost a certain amount of weight and started feeling lighter", she mentioned.

When a person is on 'Curry Keto', he/she is not compromising on normal meals or snacks. So he/she doesn't feel deprived of being on a diet. Before going into ketosis, the person will have a lot of carb cravings, headaches and other such things. However slowly and steadily Keto becomes his/her lifestyle. 

Elaborating on adapting to the ketogenic diet and starting the brand, the entrepreneur averred, "I always had a passion for cooking and weight loss and therefore I decided that this is something I want to do but didn't exactly know how to go about it. Then my husband Rajiv came up with the idea of 'Curry Keto', to offer a meal plan with a ketogenic diet. Since we are in the UAE, it's a bright market in terms of population. We got a nutritionist on board, I started pursuing my diploma in the ketogenic diet. We worked together, created healthy recipes including the right amount of nutrients. We worked for almost six months not only doing experimentation and other things but also developed the website. Then we started thinking about the game plan- the launch of 'Curry Keto'."

"We launched 'Curry Keto' on 15th April 2021 and immediately we got the traction that we did not expect. We initially thought it would be a slow process but people were intrigued about what 'Curry Keto' could be and how it could possibly be a part of their life. In the second month itself, we had to move to a bigger kitchen because we had so many clients that we couldn't serve from the kitchen we had earlier. In July we moved into the new kitchen and we kept on improving from then", Vanessa added. 

The USP of 'Curry Keto' is that they are a ketogenic diet based on south-east Asian cuisine. They offer a flavourful and full of spices kind of keto diet. Rajiv and Vanessa are strong believers of keto as they have done their research thoroughly and they follow the Keto diet. 

Shedding light on starting individual meals, Vanessa mentioned, "Something that we do have in the pipeline is that we are planning to package our products like our snacks, biscuits, rotis, etc. Right now we offer only a meal plan but this way customers can order individual snacking meals."

Furthermore, speaking about future plans, the dynamic businesswoman said, "We are soon looking at opening up a cafe where people can come in and order snacking meals. Apart from this, we plan to expand the business across UAE." 

Believing in the motto 'Taste the transformation', 'Curry Keto' offers a wide range of delicious keto dishes like Biryanis, Rotis, Butter Chicken, Tawa Chicken, Chicken Tikka Taco, Fish Curry, Vegetable Korma, Palak Paneer, Dosas, Idlis, Kebabs, Rolls, Salads and much more. 

Finally, when asked about what success meant to her, the co-founder said, "I think, I feel like I have everything I want- this is success for me. Feeling full, happy and content with what you are and where you are!"

"Just keep going!"Vanessa signed off.