I would like to open a cloud kitchen soon: Amal Qabageh, Founder, Tanoor- The Arabic Delight

GoodNewwws got an opportunity to interview the founder of 'Tanoor- The Arabic Delight', Amal Qabageh, where she spoke about her brand, business, her love for traditional Arabic food and much more!

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Image source: Good Newwws

The history of food in Mumbai is closely related to the growth of the city of dreams. People who floated in from across the globe brought their culinary treasures with them. Many opened their hotels, restaurants, fast food centres, however, some excelled in serving people flavoursome food by running a home kitchen. Food prepared in the home kitchen often leaves a unique taste that your mouth remembers. In Mumbai, people gravitate towards the home kitchen to relish delicious indigenous food. 

One such home kitchen based in the city is 'Tanoor- The Arabic Delight'. It serves authentic Arabic cuisine with an Indian touch. Recently, GoodNewwws got an opportunity to interview the founder Amal Qabageh, where she spoke about her brand, business, her love for traditional Arabic food and much more!

Talking about the inception of  'Tanoor- The Arabic Delight', Amal Qabageh said, "I love to cook, I was keen to start a restaurant serving Arabic food. Though I am based in Mumbai, my origin is Arabian, I am well-versed with the recipes of Arabian food. However, opening a restaurant venture was not possible due to the pandemic. So sitting at home, my friends and family suggested making some desserts first and then I started preparing other dishes. I wanted to give the taste of home-cooked food to all the Arabic dishes. I already had a company registered with the name 'Tanoor- The Arabic Delight'. On 19th May 2020, I decided to continue with the same brand name as my home kitchen. Recently, I operate two home kitchens in Mumbai, one at Lokhandwala Green Acres and the other at Windermere Oshiwara."

Adding further, the entrepreneur averred, "I got a remarkable response from people as they liked the food. The first lockdown turned out to be a blessing for me as all the restaurants were closed, and people were looking for safe and homemade food, so they started giving orders through friends and social media. Like this, people started knowing the brand, and I mostly indulged in Arabic Cuisine. Later, I gradually started making Indo-Arabic, giving an Indian twist to the Arabic recipe." 

Sharing about the best-selling dishes of  'Tanoor- The Arabic Delight' Amal asserted, "My best selling is the 'Mutton Mandi,' 'Chicken Mandi,' 'Salad,' 'Khubus,' 'Kabsa,' and 'Grilled Platters,' and much more. The 'Chicken Shawarma Pockets' is the best seller in the starters category. Also, I have new menus come up with Indian gravy and rice, adding a little twist of Arabic flavours to the dishes. The masalas are a little different from the Indian Masalas which give a fusion touch to the dishes."

Elaborating on the future plans the businesswoman mentioned, "Firstly, I would like to open a cloud kitchen soon. I think opening a restaurant is not a good idea amid the pandemic period. The cloud kitchen will have a different perspective where people will know that the 'Tanoor' kitchen is open with takeaway and home delivery services. It will house two chefs from abroad who have mastered Arabic cuisine. Secondly, looking at the response on the cloud kitchen for two-three years I would then open a restaurant."