THESE bizarre pizza toppings will leave you baffled

To ruin the basic pizza, some have added weird toppings on it.

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Pizzas are everyone's all-time favourite food, and for some, it is a go-to food. The dish has a rich and ancient history. Everyone knows the fact the pizzas originated in Italy, but over the years, other regions of the world picked up the dish and started creating their own versions of it. In the past, we have shared with you some of the bizarre food combinations which the people don't approve of and some of the dishes like strawberry samosa, Maggi milkshake, and rasgulla chaat are clear no dishes. Well, some people out there have attempted to make weird combinations of pizzas as well. To ruin the basic pizza, some have added weird toppings on it.

Here are the five bizarre pizza toppings:

  1. Fruit Loops Pizza: Fruit loops are a cereal that is being sold in some countries. Well, if one wants to have pizza for a breakfast one can simply eat a normal one. Fruit loops topping, yay nor nay?

  2. Banana Pizza: Somehow we were still adjusting to the fact that some people actually like to eat pizza with pineapple topping, but pizza topping of banana on a base of sauce topped with cheese? Banana is not the only fruit, people have experimented with other fruits like Kiwi, Apple, Figs, Grapes and what not are also used by some.

  3. Momo Pizza: This weird combination has taken both the dishes to another level. The pizza joint 'Pizza Hut' is proudly selling it. The momos are placed on the pizza base and, different types of toppings are added onto it and, then they bake it.

  4. Gulab Jamun Pizza: Possibly a nightmare for both pizza and gulab jamun lovers? Juicy gulab jamun on the pizza base and topped with some rose petals, what do you say?

  5. Prawns Pizza: Prawns curry topped with chillies and tomatoes on the pizza base, this has to be the weirdest combination ever. The non-vegetarians might not be much happy to see this, eat this or even read about it.

Would you want to try any of these? It is up to you to decide whether these are good or bad.