THIS 13-year-old Faridabad boy cooks chilli potato like a pro at his family street food stall

Apart from Chilli Potato, he also cooks tasty momos and rolls.

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A 13-year-old boy from Faridabad is going viral on the internet for his cooking skills. Deepesh prepares the delicious Chilli Potato just like a Master Chef. His video has garnered love and support on the internet. He goes to school in the morning and in the evening works at the stall to contribute to his family's income.

A food vlogger shared the video on social media featuring Deepesh preparing the Chinese snack. Deepesh first deep-fries the potatoes, which are cut into thin slices until they are golden brown and crispy. He then prepares the gravy using chopped onions, capsicum, spices and sauces in a wok. The kid then tosses the ingredients expertly and then adds the fries into the gravy and tosses it on high flame.

While shooting the video, the food vlogger asks Deepesh the reason behind him working at the stall, in reply he says he wants to earn extra money to help his parents. As he juggles between cooking in the stall and studies, he hardly skips the school. Apart from Chilli Potato, he also cooks tasty momos and rolls.