We champion all dietary requirements under one umbrella: Sarrah Kapasi, Co-founder, D-Alive & BaeKit Fresh

D-Alive & BaeKit Fresh offers all-natural dietary essentials like gluten-free, sugar-free, keto-friendly, vegan, low carb in their wide range of truly organic, healthy and immunity boosting products

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Simplicity and Sophistication define Ms. Sarrah Kapasi, the boss lady of the emerging food labels D-Alive and BaeKit Fresh. She approaches her business with an entrepreneurial spirit and craves to leap higher, experimenting and evolving with each passing day. 

In an in-depth conversation with Good Newwws, Sarrah Kapasi, Co-founder and CEO, D-Alive and BaeKit Fresh shared her success story. Being optimistic about her vision and business plans the quick-witted entrepreneur expressed how she is on her toes to face the fierce competition. 

Here's encapsulating the candid interview: 

Sharing the idea behind initiating the first brand 'D-Alive', Sarrah said, "I had launched D-Alive 5 years ago right after pursuing graduation. My father Mr. Muslim Kapasi is a type 1 diabetic and there was a period in our lives where we were going through a lot of issues when it came to his health. Being type 1 diabetic he constantly had low blood sugar and so it keeps impacting his mental health which eventually affected us also as a family. He consulted one of the best dieticians and was following their advice. However, dad's health was not improving and he was not happy with it as he had always been a health enthusiast, he has always been extremely disciplined when it comes to what he eats. But his health kept deteriorating. When he showed the reports to the doctor they would say, 'this is fine, this is good.' But my dad was not at all convinced with the progress."

"So, he took a complete sabbatical from work, did a lot of research on himself. He attached his body to CGMS (Continous Glucose Monitoring System) and tested every food on a fast. He exactly knew how a portion of food behaves on your blood sugar and in your body keeping aside everything. He even travelled to the UK and the US to understand where we are lagging and what was the development when it comes to nutrition advice in first world country and other two countries. That's how we came up with the idea of 'D-Alive'", she mentioned.

Speaking about 'D-Alive's brand name Sarrah said, "'D-Alive' is centric to diabetes. The 'D' stands for Diabetes and 'Alive' means to feel alive. The basic of D-Alive is to create 360-degree solutions for a diabetic person that he craves to eat."

Since her early childhood days, Sarrah had seen her dad doing business, so she knew what her calling was. She took inspiration from her father and started spearheading 'D-Alive' at the young age of 22. Later, she got her dadi Sofie Kapasi and friend Alfiya Attarwala on board to create their first range of sweets. 

"We took two years in RnD because we were looking out for food that is organic, gluten-free, no sugar, low carbs and all-natural. Dadi and Alfiya came up with our first range of products. We tried to add everything natural and that had a purpose for a body to consume. Some are antioxidants while some are probiotics but all of them have the immune-boosting ability by not impacting your blood sugars. We call it Sofie's skinny sweets-  named it after my dadi's name. At present, she is one of our full-time employees who runs and supervises the entire manufacturing unit at the age of 75. She is undoubtedly doing a phenomenal job!", Sarrah added.

Thereafter D-Alive kept growing slowly and steadily. Sarrah said that the pandemic period gave them a bit of steroid shot as people started understanding the value of good health and immunity.

'D-Alive' which is certified as 100% USDA organic has a range of all-natural products like sauces, nut butter, turmeric lattes, drink premixes, sweets and glucose gels available with leading retail chains like Nature's Basket and online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket.

When asked about her second food brand 'BaeKit Fresh', the dynamic businesswoman averred, "During the pandemic lockdown, we realised that people were enjoying baking at home. Also, there was a 'meal kit space that was unexplored by India while it was going on in full swing in the UK, Canada. So we thought why not give it a try! Then after we decided to initiate with a healthy meal kit and that's how 'BaeKit Fresh' was launched. We thought that why not produce a baking kit and give people an option of baking gluten-free, no-sugar, keto-friendly, vegan or whatever their diet preference is. In fact, we launched BaeKit right in the middle of the pandemic. We managed to get out an entire product, did the RnD and got everything in place."

Sarrah wanted to name the brand keeping in mind the millennials so that they connect to it instantly. "In Gen-X, we relate to the term 'Bae' a lot. Youngsters usually say, 'You are my true bae!'. It just had a nice ring to it and gave a happy feeling. And BaeKit is all about feeling happy, it's like gifting your bae a BaeKit. We wanted it to be something that people gift to their dear ones, it could be Mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling or best friend."

Currently, 'BaeKit Fresh' offers a wide range of organic products that includes Zucchini bread, Cinnamon and Raisin Bread, Fruit 'N' Nut Cake, Plum Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Avacado Truffle, Banana Bread. Soon they are launching a No-bake cheesecake and also chocolate granola. Also, for the festive season, they are coming up with Sheer Khurma as Ramzan special edition.

Adding about the consumer response for 'BaeKit Fresh', Sarrah asserted they got the product right at the time of testing itself. Surprisingly the experience that they were trying to sell with 'BaeKit' got a phenomenal response in the first go! People loved the packaging and the fact that all the ingredients are measured and packed separately. In short, there was not jhanjhat while baking people enjoyed the process and that's why they used the tag line 'No kit-kit just BaeKit'

Finally, the co-founder shared the USP of her products and the challenges she is facing in the industry. "We are gluten-free, sugar-free, keto-friendly, vegan, low carb that is all-natural and good things under one umbrella. This is what makes us unique. Like there are a lot of brands in the markets that have permutations and combinations of these things but not one product is all of these things. That's where we stand apart." 

"One big ordeal is that it's a very tough industry as there are so many people in the food industry. For each product, you have so much competition. But it is also a lot of fun as I love food", she signed off.

To place the order now as per your dietary preference visit their website: www.dalivehealth.com , www.baekitfresh.in or you can also shop online at Amazon.

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