7 essential tips you must follow while working out at home amid lockdown

Few tips to remember that will make sure your at-home sweat session goes smoothly.

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With lockdown been again imposed, many of us are missing our regular gym routine. The anxiety of losing the gained progress has started building up. It seems like the time to make peace with home workouts has come. This will surely prove to be a win-win amid this rough situation. Whatever age you belong to, it's important to know the little things involved in a home workout. Here are a few tips to remember that will make sure your at-home sweat session goes smoothly.

Make a plan

At the beginning of the week, decide which days you want to work out. As motivation comes and goes, having a set plan in place will remove the decision-making thoughts and will keep you focused to follow the fixed plan.

Designated space

Find a nice spot in the house, give yourself enough space and work out there. If you keep moving the space, it can hamper the quality of your workout. 

Fix a time and stick to it

Choose a time of day you can stick with, so that exercise becomes a habit for you. If you have trouble with consistency, morning time is the best time to exercise.

Listen to your body

If you have an exercise machine you might think you have your whole workout sorted. However, pay attention to your body's signs, it may not able to do machine workout every day. Find a daily circuit that works for you and rotate between strength training, cardio, HIIT and other forms.

Proper warm-up and cool down

Never skip warm-up exercises because you are at home. Warm-up exercises boost muscle strength and power. Similarly, a cool-down session that includes stretches is equally important. It helps the body recover post-workout afterwards.

Stay hydrated 

Drink water post-workout as your body losses enough of it. Sip small amounts, don't gulp while working out. It’s important to stay hydrated during your workout as it helps to keep your body performing.

Eliminate distractions

At home you can get distracted easily- be it those family members, someone at the door or the cell phone ringing, this can lead to skipping a workout or leaving it halfway. Take steps to remove or minimise these diversions. The more you are focused, the less you’ll get out of your session.