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Those who want to life long, live healthy; this article is for them. Follow few steps to live Longer, Living Better made easy by by Sifu Sunil Samant.

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Long and Healthy Life
To have long and healthy life, firstly, we need to know what we can do with our lifestyle to offset or prevent these physical changes – for example, how we exercise, how we eat, what stress we put ourselves under, and what type environment we create around us.
Another aspect of lifestyle- related ageing is that the body can start to ‘rust’. Just as a piece of iron oxidizes (or reacts with the oxygen to break down into iron oxide) so, too, the body can start to oxidize as cells and tissues are broken down. This is the work of free radicals.
Essentially, free radicals are simply positive ions. (most of the body’s chemicals have a negative charge.) The free radicals come along and bond with the negative Charge of the body’s atoms, effectively interfering with the atom’s function and the structure it forms. If this happens frequently enough, then the whole structure collapses.
The ‘rusting’ of the body is largely due to the presence of these free radicals in our environment. Unfortunately, the society that we have created is a highly toxic one, loaded with these destructive positive ions. Again, however, this process is not inevitable.
If we want to slow down the ‘rusting’ of our bodies, we can begin by doing the following:
• Reducing the toxic load in our living environment;
• Ensuring our diets contain loss of antioxidants to combat these positive ions; and
• Making sure our circulatory system operate efficiently, so that the antioxidants are effectively delivered to all parts of the body.
In addition to the damage caused by positive ions, our bodies take longer to repair as we age. However, we can offset this problem by :
• Reducing the amount of damage that our body has to repair in the first place.
• Reducing ‘stress’, because stress has a damaging effect on many of body’s systems
• Making sure that the body has all dietary resources that it needs to maintain itself such as minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.
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