Nokia Mobiles Global VP Ajey Mehta to start own venture in healthcare IoT space

HMD Global Nokia Mobiles' VP Ajey Mehta took to his social media handles to announce that he is moving out of the company to start his own healthcare venture, Ikiva.

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On Monday, the HMD Global Nokia Mobiles' Vice President Ajey Mehta took to his social media handles to announce that he is moving out of the company to start his own venture, Ikiva, that will focus on the healthcare area.

Mehta took to Twitter to tweet, "After 16 incredible years, I have decided to bid farewell to my favourite Nokia Brand and explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship. From Nokia to Microsoft to HMD, I have worked in multiple roles across the world alongside brilliant people".

Nokia was once a prominent player of the mobile market in India, however, it lost its ground in 2012 because of the changing trends of the techno world.  

Later, Microsoft procured the company in April 2014. In 2016 it gave the right to Finnish start-up HMD Global to sell Nokia's phones. Ajey Mehta was looking after the India market since the time HMD started operations in India. He initiated the launch of Nokia's Android smartphones and built HMD Global's business in India.  

In a statement, Ajey said that he would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported him on his journey with the Nokia brand. At HMD, somewhere between choosing the colour of carpets to recruiting the best team, he realized that his passion lies in entrepreneurship, which has been instrumental in his decision.

Furthermore, he mentioned in the current COVID-19 times, access to quality healthcare facilities has become crucial. This includes strong connectivity through 5G, provides an opportunity to build innovative solutions in Healthcare services. 

Lastly, he stated that his first venture as an entrepreneur will be in the Healthcare IoT space.

We wish you all the best Mr Mehta for your new endeavour!

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