Try exercising as per your zodiac signs to achieve the fitness goals

So let us look at the zodiac signs, which will help you identify ways to use the energy that best suits your workout needs. 

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We all endeavor to lead a fit and healthy life by going to the gym or opting for different types of exercise that include Bootcamp, Yoga, Crossfit, etc. However, we often follow our daily exercise routine instructed by the trainer. But have you ever tried doing exercises as per your zodiac signs? Maybe looking at the zodiac sign for exercises is not a scientific method, but it can ideally find something that helps you find the mental balance, which can add to your physic.

So let us look at the zodiac signs, which will help you identify ways to use the energy that best suits your workout needs. 

Aries: Martial Arts, Boxing, Weightlifting

The ones with Aries are bold, adventurous competitors and an expert at being first. They are always on the move with the virtue of their nature. One can progress better by exploiting their strength, endurance, and confidence. Activities like boxing, weightlifting, and martial arts would suit them better. They should be patient and realistic about the results. 

Taurus: Cycling, Swimming, Running 

Those who have Taurus as their zodiac sign are calm, stabilizer and grounded. They have the ability to exercise with tremendous patience and their indulgence with rich food and a lot of rest makes them develop a bulge. However they find it difficult to commit to a hard workout schedule, they can add Cycling, Swimming, Running to their exercise list. Practicing these exercises in a natural environment can be the greatest temptation. They must avoid consuming an excess of sugar, rice, milk products, sour food, fermented food, and excessive carbohydrates as they are prone to obesity, tonsillitis, sensitive throat inflammations, thyroid.

Gemini: Gymnastics, Aerobics, Tennis

People with the Gemini zodiac sign are known for being intellectually alert thinkers, for them staying committed to a workout routine is not that difficult. They love to stay fit, flexible and also like to work out in a group. Activities like Gymnastics, Aerobics, Tennis are very much beneficial for them. They should consume ideal food like steamed vegetables, nuts, high nutrients, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Cancer: Pilates, Core Excercise, Yoga

Cancerians are emotional, sensitive but also they are very tenacious and hardworking. They must practise exercises like Yoga, Pilates, and Core exercises. With this can be motivated to lose weight and if dieting and nutrition became a family affair. They should work out more on their abdominals as it is a good idea to lose weight around the mid-sections. They should eat steamed vegetables, nuts, and more fruits, olive leaf, garlic, melon, cucumber, cabbage.

Leo: Dance Cardio, Ballet Barre, Zumba

The one with Leo as their zodiac sign must be pampered as they love to be social and be in the spotlight. Being passionate about the music they could strive to do Dance Cardio, Ballet Barre and Zumba. The workout routine should be in the fresh air, preferably during the morning. They should have home-cooked food rich in calcium and protein, dairy products, oranges, apples, nuts, salads. Oranges and apples are must for Leos.

Virgo: Squash, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing

Those whose zodiac sign is Virgo are known for their perfectionism all around. Though they may feel discouraged easily if they didn't get the results immediately as they want. They have the natural capability for high endurances exercises like Squash, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing. The food which Virgos can consume must be of high calcium and also have green beans, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, cabbage in their diet. 

Libra: Cardio, Stretching

Libras must always focus on organised and gentle fitness options like low impact cardio and stretching and avoid heavy weight exercises as it will result in lower back stress. The one with this zodiac sign must have a lot of water, juices, and soups in their diet. They should also add Steamed food, garlic, ginger, yoghurt which is very important for them.

Scorpio: Boxing, CrossFit

People with this zodiac sign must include intense, strenuous fitness activities like Boxing and Crossfit. They must avoid spicy food, red meat, alcohol, high fat dry fruits as they are prone to piles, other renal infections. Also, consumption of pulses should be restricted and should have food that is high in iron like banana, spinach, apple. 

Sagittarius: Hiking, Surfing, Adventure Sports

Those with Sagittarius are the healthiest of all. They must follow plenty of exercises routine like Hiking, Surfing and Adventure Sports. As Sagittarius are also foodie people they should be trained to control their taste buds and also avoid junk food, all spices, fats of all kinds, excessive sweet products. They must have whole grains, green vegetables, garlic, ginger, melons, papaya, guava, oranges in their diet.

Capricon: Jogging, Running, Yoga 

The exercise routine for Capricon should have Jogging, Running and Yoga. They must not follow the heavy and intense workout as it could harm their knees, bones, and joints. To get good health Capricon must add more of hot soups, mushrooms, seafood, fruits, food rich in calcium and vitamin in their diet.

Aquarius: Bicycling, Trampoline, Parkour

The ones who have Aquarius zodiac signs don't like to feel restricted to one routine. They tend to practise a variety of exercises to for being motivated all time. Adding Bicycling, Trampoline and Parkour in their workout routine will improve blood circulation. Consuming brown rice, sprouts, green vegetables, fish and fruit of any kind, mushrooms, fish stew regularly will keep them away from bone problems, blood disorders, swollen ankles.

Pisces: Water Sports, Dance, Yoga

Though Pisces are not all sporty, but they should add Water Sports, Dance, Yoga in their routine and avoid any strenuous activity. Following the exercise routine will bring balance and peace in their lives. As they have a weak immune system neglecting alcohol is best for them. People with Pisces must have more water intake in their diet and avoid aerated drinks, spicy food for better results.