The Ageing Process

Aging is a gradual, continuous process of natural. If we do not exercise the mind, body and emotions then Aging start in early. Read this article for more information.

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First thing that we have to understand is that weakness of mind and body, are not natural consequences of ageing, but more a result of the lifestyle that we adopt as we age. Nature seems to have one unbreakable rule:  ‘Use it or lose it!‘ If we do not exercise the mind, body and emotions then these functions degrade.
We have all met older people who are more alert and active than much younger people. When we meet such a person, we should not regard them as miraculous occurrence. This is what we should all expect as we advance through our lives. Too often we have blinkered view and believe that such people are lucky to be healthy and alert, able to walk for miles, maintain interests in hobbies and creative pursuits, and assist in the community. We should realize that the very health and alertness of these older people comes from engaging in these activities, not the other way round!
Our scientific studies are showing that the things we tend to associate with old age, such as loss of muscle tone, need not occur if we maintain an active lifestyle, and that IQ relates not so much to age as to mental activities that we perform. The studies are also finding that the more we engage with others, even pet animals, plants, birds. The fitter we are becoming, the longer we are living.
If human beings become still and sedentary, they would also stagnate, their minds and bodies would deteriorate, and illness and disease would follow.
This does not mean that there are not physical changes that occur as we age. The speed of cellular regeneration is slower, so it takes longer to repair damage to the body. Our digestive systems do not work as efficiently and our immune systems are not as effective. Our hearing and sight also tend to deteriorate, although there are many people of advanced years who have good sight and hearing.
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