How Do We Cure Ourselves?

A cure cannot be implemented until the disease is identified. The cure which we are discussing here is within each one of us. I realized it during a conversation with Hazratji from Al-Habib Markaz. It is an honour for me to share it with all of you on GOODNEWWWS.IN

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At the dawn of the earth, the only thing, which existed, was 'nature'. Everything was natural, man-made things did not exist. There was no human interference and the whole world was like a beautiful blooming garden. Later, animals, birds, humans came into existence. Marine creatures explored the underwater life, feathery flights hovered in the sky and animals wandered in the grazing fields; when God created the cosmos there wasn’t any permission to do self-work. He had made the arrangements of food and shelter for all.

There is nothing more wonderful than nature. Many manifestations showcased the beauty of nature. One of the greatest manifestations of the environment was the diverse flowers and fruits, which were accompanied by different seasons and times. The fruits were real and the then diet consisted of apples, oranges, mangoes, banana’s etc. Nobody ever had to work hard when god looked after nature and human.

When compared to today's times there are so many things, which did not exist earlier, like animals never cooked but humans cooked food for their survival. As the population increased humans created facades, many critical things happened and misuse of intellect was also prominent. Further, people cut trees and the heavenly gardens were destroyed from the face of the earth. The land was converted into agricultural farms. People started working on their own. They stopped eating nature's origin and produced their wheat, rice, dals etc.

Human beings took help from science and kept discovering new stuff. Then the greed increased and in order to obtain maximum benefit, people started using chemicals. And this thing is affecting our present generation and will harm the future ones too. Vegetables are being cultivated by using pesticides even the cattle are injected to obtain more production. All these things are surely going to have an ill effect on us.

Nature's beauty once destroyed; it cannot be completely restored.  The outcome was that humankind is now suffering from several diseases. Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, depression, kidney, cancer, etc. survive today. Back in the days, nobody knew that diseases existed, as it was all pure and pious.

Amid all these matters, the question is how do we cure ourselves?

The safest thing is to nourish God's creation, only then we could save ourselves otherwise it would get difficult to survive. Save nature, plant trees, make gardens, bear fruits then we and our future generations can live a long and fruitful life. 

Speaking of living a long and fruitful life, we cannot ignore the unnecessary negativities that cause dreadful afflictions like black magic, evil eye, negative energies and demonic possessions. If you wish to cure the mind, body and soul of such dreadful afflictions, Hazratji the founder of AL-HABIB MARKAZ, has vowed to indiscriminately protect, prevent and treat all humans from such problems, irrespective of their religious beliefs, absolutely free of cost.

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