Ramappa temple in Telangana is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO

The 800-year-old Ramappa Temple in Telangana is declared as the World Heritage Site on 25 July 2021 by UNESCO.

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Image source: PM Narendra Modi Twitter

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) declared the 800-year-old Ramappa Temple in Telangana as the World Heritage Site on 25 July 2021. The Shiva temple was constructed in the year 1213 by Kakatiya General Recherla Rudra Reddy. 

PM Narendra Modi congratulated Telangana on Twitter by saying, "Excellent! Congratulations to everyone, specially the people of Telangana. The iconic Ramappa Temple showcases the outstanding craftsmanship of great Kakatiya dynasty. I would urge you all to visit this majestic Temple complex and get a first-hand experience of it’s grandness."

Reportedly, the Ramappa temple is the main Shiva temple in a larger walled complex. It houses many small temples and structures. The temple is well known for its creativity, artistic, and engineering talents during the Kakatiya period. It is build of sandstone, granite, and dolerite. The sanctuary's interiors are made of lightweight porous bricks also known as 'floating bricks' it is so light that they can float on water. The magnificent temple took 40 years to construct as it is built on a six-foot-high platform. Ramappa temple still lusters even after 800 years of construction. It is a living memory of legendary Kakatiyas and who brought the golden era to the South India region.