Instagram introduces a new feature, 'Limits' to prevent online abuse

Instagram has rolled out a new feature, 'Limits' it will help in protecting users who face online abuse.

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Image source: Instagram

In an attempt to fight and limit online abuse, Instagram has rolled out a new feature, 'Limits.' This feature will help in protecting users who face online abuse on Instagram. This feature will give strong warnings to the users when they upload something offensive. One feature of Limits is "The ability for people to limit comments and DM requests during spikes of increased attention," as mentioned on the Instagram website.

Instagram announced this feature on their website. They have already tailored as to what kind of content is offensive. Limits will automatically hide defined derogatory content from comments and DMs which fall under their purview. They have expanded the list of offensive phrases, words, emojis to filter hate speech. The blogpost on the official website of Instagram mentioned, "We have a responsibility to make sure everyone feels safe when they come to Instagram. We don't allow hate speech or bullying on Instagram, and we remove it whenever we find it."

Research done by Instagram informs us that negativity faced by public figures generally comes from people who do not follow them or who recently followed them. Instagram already warns a person who tries to post or comment on something offensive, but now they will give stronger warnings. One can turn off the Limits feature from privacy settings. It started rolling out on 10th August and will be available globally.