Netflix to introduce two new kids friendly features

Kids top 10 and Kids recap email the two new features will be available for all Netflix users.

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Image Source: Unsplash

Netflix has added two new kid-friendly features to its portal named Kids top 10 and Kids recap email. The new features will be available for all Netflix users. The Kids recap email is available globally to every member who has one active kid's profile on their account the other feature named Kid top 10 will be available in 93 countries (except AppleTV).  These new features will help families to connect with their favorite series and films. 

Reportedly, the kids recap emails will help parents to understand the preferences of their children in a better way. It will also give a different and new perspective to engage their interests like recommendations based on the child's favorite show, movies, etc.

 The Kids top 10 feature will display the most popular content for children. The row will be updated daily as it aims to create a unique collection of the best stories to choose from and it will make sure every child and family gets to see themselves reflected on screen.