Battlegrounds Mobile India gets new update 1.7, introduces Mirror World

The creators have made the all-new grenade indicator visible on-screen (HUD).

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Image Source: Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram

Krafton games are rolling out a new update, 1.7, in Battlegrounds Mobile India. As a part of that update, they have introduced Mirror World, which is a new event theme based on Netflix's anime - 'Arcane'. A few days ago, the company had announced its partnership with Riot Games to bring out a new set of characters, items and game modes.

In the Mirror World theme, there will be a mystical upside-down island that will appear in the sky. The new theme will only be available in Erangel, Livik and Sanhok maps. Players will have to use a wind wall that would be transporting them to the Mirror World, the players would then have to complete certain Arcane-based challenges to earn skins and emotes.

The players would be automatically transformed into one of the lead characters of the show - Vi, Jynx, Jayce or Caitlyn, all of them have a unique set of weapons and abilities. A player can encounter various monsters on the island, when a user kills a monster it will drop a set of Hextech Crystals, which the players can use to buy special supplies from the Dynahex Supply Shop. 

The creators have made the all-new grenade indicator visible on-screen (HUD). An all-New update will introduce the Piggyback feature, in that the players would be able to carry their teammates or enemies that have been knocked down. This feature will come at the cost of reduced movement speed and depleting HP.