Amritsar based 80-year-old woman who sells juice to earn a living gets help via social media

The viral video of the 80-years-old woman also lovingly called 'Juice Wali Aunty' in Amritsar gets help from the people through social media.

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Image source: Gaurav Wasan Instagram

The food sellers of the street are undergoing hard times to earn due to the lockdown restrictions. At such a crucial stage, the internet united to help street food sellers in need, from fundraising to creating awareness about the stalls. The netizens had previously helped 'Baba Ka Dhaba' and once again come together to help an 80-years-old woman who runs a juice stall in Amritsar. 

A food blogger Gaurav Wasan has posted a video on his Instagram account of the 80-years-old juice stall owner lovingly called 'Juice Wali Aunty' in Amritsar. The post caption has highlighted the story of the octogenarian who is working hard to earn a living. The stall of the 80-year-old woman is settled in Rani Da Bagh, near Uppal Neuro Hospital, opposite an SBI branch. Currently, the 'Juice Wali Aunty' struggles to attract customers, so through the 30-second clip, Gaurav urges people to visit her stall. In the video, the woman is seen preparing mousambi juice and serving it with a smile, though she is worried about her financial conditions.

With nine million views and 915 like, the video went viral on social media. People on social media have started enquiring about her bank account and also pleaded with the local government agencies to step in and provide financial aid. As the video is going viral, food lovers can visit her stall, and hopefully, the stall gains more customers, and 'Juice Wali Aunty' can get back on her feet.