Happy Friendship Day: Good friends bring Good News

A friend is a mirror of your life who shows you how capable and worthy you are here sharing an anecdote of how good friends are always bound to bring good news.

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Image source: Good Newwws

Each friend represents a world in us. Apart from our parents, a friend is a person who makes life meaningful in a distinctive way. Friends bring the best memories, thoughts, and news, even in the worst scenarios. 

"A friend in need is a friend indeed", this famous phrase shows different sides of being friends. A BFF who got our back, the other professional one who is ready to guide us at work, one with whom we love to spend peaceful quality time, the one who swallows our lies, and of course the casual one who is much needed during smoke or tea break (wink)!! Honestly, life would have been so monotonous and boring without friends. 

As we celebrate Friendship Day today, I would like to share how my good friend brought Good Newwws for me. How I got my first job and an opportunity to work on something that I always wanted to do!

A month ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I got a call from my best friend who gave me the news regarding a vacancy available for a writer in a media portal. It was good news for me as I was in searching like this for a long time. My good friend gave me the reference of the manager and within two hours I got the interview call, not only that I even got selected for the second round. I was a bit nervous for the second round, my mind kept on thinking, "what if I get rejected?" but my BFF gave me the right motivation she said, "I have confidence you'll surely get the job as it's your dream and I am sure enough you will crack it." Her words gave me the confidence I needed. The next day before going for the interview she called me and wished me luck. 

Here comes my second round, I was sitting in front of the Managing Director of Good Newwws. My nervousness again started to build up but no sooner than I remembered my good friend's words and I started feeling confident. The second round was done and I was dancing in joy as I got my first job. My bestie was more than happy when I informed her. I am glad to have a good friend who recognized my talent and pushed me to do better. The good news of the job vacancy from my friend gave me the chance to follow my dream and become a writer.

 So this is how my good friend gave me the good news of my life. I'm sure even you'll have a friend that one best friend who has given you the reason to specify why they have a precious place in your life. A friend is the only person who knows you inside out as it is the purest and the honest bond that one shares.